Who We Are

Our owner, NDGAA Certified Master Groomer Yumiko McClay, is one of the most sought-after groomers in the Bay Area. 

Please read below to learn about our dedicated professionals, who are as enthusiastic about making your pet look and feel wonderful.

Yumiko McClay 

NDGAA Certified Master Groomer
NDGAA Certified Groomer - Sporting Breeds
NDGAA Certified Groomer -  Non-Sporting Breeds
NDGAA Certified Groomer - Terrier Breeds

When I first arrived in America as a student in 1987, I enrolled in college and graduated with a triple major in Art, Animal Health Technology and Business Management. Following several years of working in accounting within a semiconductor company, then becoming involved in bar management (my wild days), I made the decision to return my childhood dream, which was to work with animals. I always loved dogs in particular, and this is why I resolved to completely change career paths to become a groomer.


Spa for Pets (then called the Pet Spa) was the first grooming salon I worked at after completing my training at a local grooming school in 2005. I gained four years of practical experience here before deciding to aim higher, and this was how I found myself studying to become a Master Groomer.


I initially spent two years studying everything there is to learn about dogs registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) – including each breed’s history, characteristics and breed standards. I attended countless dog shows and saw for myself what true breed standard haircuts looked like, while simultaneously taking hands-on lessons from a retired professional handler. Finally, in 2010, I achieved the coveted title of Master Groomer, issued by the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA).


By this time my aspirations had grown to the point where I wanted to own my own salon, and as fate would have it, I returned to Spa for Pets, this time as its owner.


My own personal grooming style is to adapt the breed standard cut into a pet trim, which still allows the dog to look beautiful without losing the breed’s distinctive features, but at the same time means easier home maintenance for the owner. I am particularly good with poodles as I enjoy the wide variation of styles, and I also specialize in creative cuts. Furthermore, I am proud to be able to provide services that are rarely available elsewhere, such as hand stripping, and the maintenance of drop-coated dogs.


At home, I am mom to a Miniature Pinscher and two Toy Poodles.

Jimmy Yeung

NDGAA Certified Groomer - Terrier Breeds

In September 2016, Jimmy Yeung completed the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) requirements and exams to become a Certified Groomer – Terrier Breeds. Below, Jimmy shares his thoughts about this achievement and his plans for the future.

In November 2013, I was fortunate to begin my pet grooming career at Spa for Pets. Having no prior experience, I soon found the professional staff at Spa provided the perfect environment for me to grow my skills. My first 700 hours of training and practical experience gave me a rock-solid foundation on which to build my future skills.

During my nearly three years at Spa, my desire to become stronger in my skills grew until I realized it was time to pursue a recognized path of knowledge and training to become certified. Being acknowledged by industry experts is something I value highly, so naturally, my next goal was to become certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

At Spa for Pets, I am fortunate to have many varieties of dogs to groom and improve my skills. I have always been fascinated by the distinctive appearance of the Terriers which is why I decided to focus my studies and training for the Terrier Group Certification Exam first. Achieving NDGAA certification for these breeds was a starting point for my greater goal of becoming a certified Master Groomer. Gaining the confidence that comes from achieving this milestone will help me as I take my next steps to becoming a Master Groomer.

Many thanks to my mentors NDGAA Certified Master Groomer Yumiko McClay, and former professional dog show handler and breeder of top-winning show dogs, Hideko Strasbaugh, for all the guidance and support they have given me as I pursue my dream.

Yumiko's impressive array of diplomas from the NDGAA  -National Dog Groomers Association of America - are displayed in the reception area.