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Can you believe he had that much dead hair (that pile on the right)? This dead hair could be scattered all over your home, even on your clothes! This messy, annoying shedding problem is a natural and normal part of a dog's physiology - they develop thicker coats during colder weather, and then shed it as warmer temperatures return. But for pet owners, it can be such a major headache to be constantly cleaning their homes of this nuisance.

We highly recommend you ask us to de-shed your pet during their regular grooming session. The staff at Spa for Pets are experienced in removing dead, loose hair from a pet's coat in a safe, gentle and non-stressful way so your pet will come home to you clean and de-shed of annoying loose hair. And, it's healthier for your dog to have that loose hair removed. It can become tangled and cause irritating mats and skin problems.

Please speak with our receptionist to request this additional service when you bring your dog in for their regular grooming appointment.

Grow It Out

Traffic-stopping Looks!!! Wow!!! Gorgeous!!!

These are just some of the compliments you and your special pet can enjoy when you take them out into the public eye. Their long, beautiful coat sways and follows their every movement and looks so graceful when you take them out for a walk. Strangers will stop you and admire how great s/he looks.

We offer specialized care to grow and maintain your pet's beautiful, long hair and healthy skin.

Ask our receptionist for more information or schedule some time with Yumiko to discuss how we can provide you with this special service.


How We Became the Doodle Owner's Favorite Salon!

Doodles are beautiful dogs, with high intelligence, a cheerful disposition and a trustworthy nature. As if that isn’t wonderful enough, they are hypoallergenic which makes them an excellent addition to almost any family. A Doodle with a properly maintained coat is captivating to behold as their coat shimmers and bounces with life when the dog is in motion.

Since Doodles do not shed profusely, their coat requires frequent brushing to remove dead hair and prevent mats from forming. Even then, mats may form so it’s important that they be groomed regularly to prevent skin conditions and irritations from ruining their beautiful coat.

Whether your Doodle has a flat, curly or wavy coat, we have the expertise to maintain their coat in optimal condition if you bring them to us on a regular schedule.


At Spa for Pets, the de-matting process will not be a painful experience for your pet. Our specially trained groomers are capable of de-matting your Doodle with minimum stress and discomfort, and avoiding damage to your dog’s skin and coat. This can, however, be a time consuming process so our de-matting fees must be based upon the time it takes to restore your Doodle’s coat to its best condition.


The grooming process begins with a careful, gentle brushing of the dog’s coat. We also carefully clean their ears, and cut and grind their nails. Next, we carefully shampoo your dog from head to tail using specially formulated shampoos and conditioners to achieve top notch results. We then professionally blow dry their coat so that it is clean, soft, fluffy and gorgeous.


We always consider your needs and tastes when we style your Doodle. We want you to feel pride in having a beautiful, healthful pet – one that stops traffic!! We can work with you to achieve that together.

Special Needs

For owners interested in growing and maintaining beautiful, long hair to keep your Doodle in magnificent appearance, we can partner with you to achieve that. We recommend you schedule a complimentary consultation with Yumiko so she can assess your Doodle’s needs and plan a schedule that works best for both you and your precious Doodle.

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