Every pet is different and pricing for services rendered will vary depending on breed, size, condition of the coat and individual temperament.


You can contact us by telephone for a general quote, but for a more accurate price estimate, we highly recommend you bring your pet in for an assessment by our Master Groomer.

Please note that pricing quoted before any grooming service serves as a guideline only. The final cost will ultimately depend on the amount of time that is spent on bathing and brushing out your pet.


  • Bath and Brush Out


  • Bath with shampoo and conditioner as needed 
   - We are happy to use a medicated shampoo provided by your veterinarian on your dog, or we can offer you a range of medicated shampoos appropriate for your dog’s skin condition for an additional fee (depending on the size of dog)
  • Hand dry
  • Up to 15 minutes (small to medium sized dogs) or 30 minutes (large dogs) of brushing and combing out (de-shedding)
  • For dogs requiring extensive extra work on their coats, e.g. de-matting, there will be an additional fee
  • Nail trim (with Dremel filing for a smooth finish)
  • Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary
  • Minor trimming on paws, face, and sanitary areas

  • Complete Groom


  • All Bath and Brush Out services plus a full body clip to breed standard and/or client preference


Other Services:

  • Hand Stripping

Hands on, with use of an anti-bacterial shampoo for bathing


  • Drop Coat Maintenance



  • Bath and Brush out


  • Bath
  • Brush out
  • Nail trim (no Dremel filing)
  • Ear cleaning


  • Complete Groom


  • All Bath and Brush Out services plus clip

Other Services:


  • Clip Only
  • No bath



  • Nail trim

     - Dogs (with Dremel filing for a smooth finish)

     - Cats (no Dremel filing)

  • Teeth brushing with an enzyme toothpaste
  • Application of Soft Paws/Soft Claws Nail Caps

     - Dogs/Cats

  • Sanitary trim

     - Dogs/Cats

  • Anal gland expression
  • De-matting of coat
  • De-skunking of coat


* Express Groom Service (in and out in 2 to 3 hours; depending on the size of your dog and condition of its coat we may require longer, but we will work on your dog immediately and without interruption so s/he will not have to wait for other dogs to be finished beforehand): Additional fee


* Handling of difficult pets (aggression, excessive soiling, etc.): Additional fee


* Elderly and special needs pets may find the grooming process stressful, and depending on the extra time and/or level of care needed, there may be an additional fee.

* An additional fee will be charged if your pet needs to be administered oral or topical medications during grooming

We take the health and well-being of the pets in our care very seriously, and would appreciate you letting us know in advance if there are any specific concerns regarding your pet’s health and behavioral issues.




  • Pet Sitting (at Owner’s home)


  • Home Boarding (at Pet Sitter’s home)


  • Pet Inn on Spa premises (only for cats and other small animals)


We offer long coat maintenance for show dogs.
Please inquire for details.

We cater to dogs of all sizes and ages.
Feline friends are also treated with special care.